Guille-Allès Library Boundless Curiosity Exhibition

From 4th November 2022 until 21st January 2023 at Guille-Allès Library

Opening Hours

Monday 8.45 - 17.30

Tuesday 10.00 - 21.00

Wednesday 8.45 - 17.30

Thursday 8.45 - 21.00

Friday 8.45 - 17.30

Saturday 8.45 - 17.15

The Library is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

In 2022 we're celebrating the Library's 140th anniversary.

Thomas Guille and Frederick Allès were childhood friends who left the island as teenagers in the 1830s to seek their fortune in New York. Amazed by the libraries they found there, they shared a lifelong dream to one day return home and start one of their own.

Explore this incredible story and see some of the treasures in our collection that aren't normally on public display - including The Birds of America, one of the rarest and most beautiful books in the world.

Guille-Allès Library Boundless Curiosity Exhibition

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