KPMG Castle Nights

Friday 5th August from 6pm - 9pm

The gates of Castle Cornet will be thrown open on Friday evening for KPMG Castle Nights featuring live music, singing and family fun. Come and enjoy the free entertainment, pack up a picnic and soak up the atmosphere at one of Guernsey's most historic sites. Numbers within the Castle are controlled, please arrive early as queues do start early. A variety of acts for all the family will be performing throughout the historic castle grounds in the South Battery, Outer Ward and Middle Ward.


6.30pm - Drunken Promises

7.30pm - The Rock 'n' Roll Disaster


6.15pm - Lydia Pugh

7.00pm - Troubador

7.45pm - BlackTopTales


6.00pm - Maryen Cairns

6.45pm - Grace and Elliott

7.30pm - Le Jazz Accord

KPMG Castle Nights

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