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All the properties are owned by my parents Roger and Kate Berry, who are now semi-retired, so I , Sandra, now take care of the day to day running of the self-catering business. 

Each property has an on-site Housekeeper who ensures our high standard of cleanliness and also deals with the day to day running on site.  You will find – Carol at Ilex Lodge, Sandra until mid May and then we welcome back Pat at Del Mar Court and Sandra from mid May at Le Douit and La Bellieuse (Roger and Kate Berry will be onsite until Mid May - at Del Mar we also have the help of Zhanna (who has been with us for a few years) and Zoya to assure our standards are kept high.  Looking after the day to day maintenance, pools and gardens is Simon (my partner). 

We have a small office at Del Mar Court, which is usually manned during the mornings by myself or Janet (Mon, Wed & Thurs plus holiday cover), and when we leave the office we transfer the phone to my mobile so as you can see we are a small group of people and not a large corporation. 

We provide an informative website which covers all the accommodation we own giving, we hope, all the answers to any question you could possibly ask (see the FAQ pages) plus live availability and online booking – this is not an agency - you book directly with us.  We obviously cannot be on the end of a phone 24/7 but will help with any queries whenever we can, however, always leave a message and we will get back to you, after we have walked the dog or fed the family!

Guernsey Self Catering History

In the early sixties Roger and Kate Berry converted the first granite stable into two cottages at our home at La Bellieuse Farm, now well known and very popular cottages they are too – La Bellieuse Cottages No. 1 and 2.  In the mid-seventies Le Douit Farm came on the market with its cow stable and hay barns and with one completely burnt out hay barn.  The first job was to refurbish the main house for us to live in and for that period we moved from La Bellieuse Farm (keeping the two La Bellieuse cottages) to Le Douit Farm Cottage – now the Housekeepers cottage.  My father, being a carpenter by trade and with great building knowledge rebuilt the burnt out barns - no. 5 & 6 and converted the top hay barn into no. 4 and the cow stable into no. 3. The cottage we vacated after moving into the farm was then occupied by our live in Housekeeper.   In the eighties Ilex Lodge came on the market and the first thing my father did was build a house for the Housekeeper on the end of the apartments.  Over the years we have upgraded Ilex to provide comfortable 4 star accommodation with the installation of a new swimming pool for the 2013 season and plans for the winter of 2014/15 to extend six of the apartments to include ensuite facilities.  In the early nineties Del Mar Court was bought and again over the years considerable refurbishment has taken place to make it the popular, repeat visitor destination it is today. Over the winter of 2013/14 we extended six of the two bedroom apartments to create larger living rooms and added ensuite shower rooms.  The plan is to continue this extension programme over the next few winters with all the two bedroom apartments at both Del mar and Ilex.

We always strive to give clean, comfortable accommodation giving you the chance to relax and unwind and enjoy your holiday in Guernsey.

Hope you found this page informative - Sandra Berry

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