The map below shows where our properties are situated in Guernsey

The Island of Guernsey lies in the bay of St. Malo, in the English Channel, just 30 miles from the French Normandy coast and 70 miles from the English South Coast. Guernsey may only measure 25 miles but it is bursting with natural beauty. We are also lucky enough to have the Islands of Herm and Sark a short boat ride away, and Alderney a little further north - all perfect for a day trip. A heady mix of stunning scenery and the best of contemporary living, Guernsey is the perfect destination. Inspiring walks along the cliff paths, rambles through the rural interior or lazy days on the Island's beautiful beaches, Guernsey has it all. St. Peter Port, the Island's Capital, is a bustling harbour town, a tapestry of architectural styles that tell the story of the Island's changing fortunes. Here bistros, restaurants and boutiques jostle for your attention, while in the harbour ferries are ready to take you to the Islands of Herm and Sark.

Ask anyone who has been here. Guernsey is a special place, a thriving community that welcomes its visitors with open arms and leaves a lasting impression on all who set foot on her soil.

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