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Self Catering in Guernsey, 37 self catering apartments and cottages owned and run by the Berry family who aim to give you a memorable Guernsey holiday - we offer some of the most popular self catering accommodation in Guernsey. Come and go as you like - self catering apartments and holiday cottages, in town or country, giving you the choice - from family holidays with heated swimming pools, quiet romantic breaks or activity holidays. All the properties are looked after by on-site housekeepers who maintain our excellent housekeeping standards so you can be assured of clean, comfortable accommodation. All are Graded 3 Star GOLD, 4 Star and 4 Star GOLD. Book directly with us, making sure you get the best price and offers available - we know our properties inside and out so we can advise which will meet your requirements.

Update 25/05/21 - States of Guernsey have announced the procedure from the 1st July (or thereafter).

However, we have made our own decision on how we will proceed - see below.It is with deep regret that we must advise that Del Mar Court will not open for holidaying guests this year and so if you still wish to holiday you can stay at one of our other properties. This has been a hard decision to make but the size of the property, communal areas etc and the continued uncertainties of Covid are too high a risk. If a guest was to show signs of symptoms whilst staying with us and a test proved positive the contact tracing team would test and isolate all those the guest and family had been in contact with. This could mean the forced isolation of all contacts, including staff and other guests who had used facilities like the swimming pool, laundry facilities, childrens play area etc. The risk is too high for Del Mar Court. It could result in you not being able to travel home and obviously the follow on consequences for the next guest arriving. Since last year we have been accepting longer term lets in all properties which although does not produce a profit is covering staff and other costs. We have managed to keep all our staff as we service all long term let apartments to maintain our high standards. We will continue to do this until we can welcome visitors next year.

Who can stay at Ilex Lodge, Le Douit and La Bellieuse - We will only accept bookings from Guernsey's Blue Category - This is an adult who is from a UK Green category area who has been fully vaccinated plus their children under 16. If your area changes to Amber, thus requiring test on arrival and isolation until negative test received (upto 48 hours), you will have to cancel your holiday with us. When arriving into Guernsey you have to complete a Travel Tracker and state where you will be staying. If you have a test on arrival you are required to go immediately to your place of isolation. If you do not you are breaking the law and as your property will not be available until 2 or 2pm and arriving earlier there is no where for you to go and therefore breaking the law! Unfortunately this risk is yours and if this occurs you will have to cancel your stay with us or find alternative accommodation to isolate until negative test. There will be no refund if this occurs. However, if you chose to move your booking to 2022 now we will do this at no charge or refund if you choose to cancel now.

We plan to take extra care in how the property is cleaned before your arrival. The property will be fogged once cleaned to reduce the chance of contamination from the previous guest (as we do not know if that guest may be carrying the virus without showing symptoms) All guests will be asked to social distance while in the grounds of the property and the number of users of the swimming pool at Ilex Lodge will be calculated and advised.

Please take note of the risks of travelling - The States of Guernsey have confirmed that there is still a risk of Guernsey going into lock down if a high level of community seeding occurs. Also, if a guest tests positive while on holiday, with us, contact tracing will take place and a whole property may go into isolation if you have had contact with the positive case. This could mean you are unable to travel home when booked and will have a knock on affect to guests arriving. We are hoping that those who have to isolate can move to a hotel for their isolation period - this is being discussed as it will alleviate any problems with the next guest arriving. However, we cannot guarantee this and so if the next guest booked in the same property cannot take up their booked accommodation because someone is self isolating in it we cannot guarantee you will stay in the accommodation/property/location you booked. Again, if this occurs and you do not wish to take up the alternative accommodation no refund will be made.

Please ensure your insurance covers you for all eventualities.

At this time online booking has been turned off. You can only book by contacting us directly. Those booked into Del Mar Court will be given first choice to move their booking to one of the other properties. We will then ask those who had cancelled a previous booking and we are holding funds. Once those have booked new bookings will be taken but again please contact us by phone or email - please email: or phone: 01481 237491 to rebook. We will advise on this page when new bookings will be taken. If you require a longer term let please contact us for availability at Del Mar Court.

If you have any questions please call us on 237491 or email - Stay Safe.