Arrival & Departure Information

ARRIVAL - The Housekeeper, who lives on site, will have your accommodation ready by 2pm but may be ready earlier. Your booking confirmation will confirm which Cottage/Apartment Number has been booked for you but all properties have notice boards showing your name and apartment number. Always check the notice board for your property number in case it has changed since confirmation. Once ready the board will be ticked, so you can go straight in, the door will be open and you will find the key inside. If we don't see you when you arrive we will try to catch up with you but if you have any problems please see the Housekeeper and they will be able to help you. However, contact the booking office on 01481 237491 if you need any other assistance.

(You do not have to check or sign in - there is no reception)

DEPARTURE - You must vacate your accommodation by 9.30am at the very latest.

Please leave the door closed, with the key in door on the outside.

You do not have to check out.

Please ensure you have removed all rubbish to the refuse area/bins and your accommodation is left in good order, dishes cleaned and put away.

Don't forget to check you have all your belongings - under beds, drawers etc. should be checked before departure.

If you are travelling later than 9.30am when you have to vacate your accommodation you can leave your luggage with us. (See Left Luggage).

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