Closest Food Shops

Please remember to buy toilet roll when shopping as only an initial supply is left in the apartment/cottage.

There are late opening convenience shops close to all properties and also one close to the airport. Coming out of the airport turn right and a approximately 200m on the left side of the road is a Co-op (Foret en Route) petrol available and shop behind - open until 9pm every day of the week.

Del Mar Court - from Del Mar Court turn right up the lane to the main road - turn left to the traffic lights. Straight in front of you is a small supermarket called Iceland. Turn right at the traffic lights and on your left after the Queen's Hotel is a Co-op. If you carry on that main road, going through the parish centre, without turning off you will find an M & S Food Store on your right. In between the Co-op and M & S on your right is a petrol station with a small convenience store (later opening).

La Bellieuse & Le Douit - go up the lane, past St. Martins Church, to the main road - turn right for M & S or turn left for the Co-op which is on your right. Go as far as the traffic lights and turn right for Iceland. Before the Co-op is a petrol station on your left with a small convenience store.

Ilex Lodge - if walking, there is a pedestrian gate at the back of Ilex Lodge which takes you to the main road, turn left and then right at the traffic lights, about 100m on your right is a small late opening shop. By car - leaving Ilex, go up the one way road and straight through the next junction. At the bottom of the hill turn right, about 50m on your right is a Co-op. If you go past the Co-op to the main road turn left and keep going and turn left at the next set of traffic lights, on your left you will see signs for B & Q and Admiral Park Waitrose. You can also go right at the top of the one way road from Ilex. Turn into the next right, as though going back to Ilex but do not turn off and go straight through the traffic lights. Next set of traffic lights turn right, you will see the signs for Waitrose which is approx 100m on your right.

Sunday Opening and Late Opening

Smaller shops in Guernsey are allowed to open 7 days a week and most of these are open late, till about 9/10pm depending on time of year, some of these are attached to garages which are open 7 days a week for fuel.

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